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Mindfulness Stairs

Renewal Resources is a nonprofit, public benefit organization serving our community through therapy, classes, groups, support teams and retreats. We offer care and compassion, strategies and support to nurture your inner resources with hope, meaning and healing. 

Mindfulness Moment:

Stairway to ???

As you look at the picture above, what do you see? Does it feel like life is an uphill climb or that these are the stairs to an exciting new vista, an opportunity for a great view? Or does it look like the the stairs are descending, coming towards you?

Focus on the stairs … then notice the physical sensations in your body? Do you notice any muscle tension or tiredness? What thoughts pop into your head? Are they more like …”The stairs would make climbing that hill easier.” or “Why isn’t there a hand rail?” Do they feel inviting or intrusive?

Focus on the trees for a moment.  Pay attention to your body again. What do you notice? Any changes in heart rate or breathing rate? Any new thoughts? For some the trees may be lush and rich, comforting representatives of evergreen, ever growing life even when the grass is dry and brittle. For others they may be annoying, in the way, and blocking the view.

Our bodies tell us a lot. They are an early warning alarm of discouragement or anxiety or they can be an indicator of peace. Listen to your body. It’s alert and informative long before the thoughts formulate in your mind. But notice those instinctive thoughts as well. The quick little thoughts often tell us more about ourselves than the well-formed opinions we share with others. Mindfulness often means to just stop and notice. If we become uncomfortable when we stop and notice, that’s important information.

If you notice more tendencies toward depression or anxiety than you’d like to live with, find a skilled professional to walk with you towards the future you would rather live into. If you live or work near Los Altos or Fremont, California, call 408-420-7895 for an initial free phone consultation.