Tools and Strategies


The therapy I offer is: Client Centered, Strength Based, Supportive, Interpersonal, including helpful components of the following therapies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Increases awareness of how we’re thinking to support developing and practicing new coping skills. setting short- and long-term goals. developing new problem-solving skills.

Solution Focused: Short Term, Focused on solving a particular problem.

Trauma Resilience Model: Teaches skills to persons with traumatic stress reactions. These skills can bring a renewed sense of hope and ease of managing daily life as this wellness practice is incorporated into daily life.

EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR Therapy is a practical approach toward overcoming depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.  Having trouble recovering from trauma, large or small? This evidence based approach employs eye movements or hand taps/vibrations to support brain based re-processing and desensitization of stressful memories such an auto accident, hospitalization, military service, abuse or the death of a loved one . The memories are not forgotten, but usually lose their power to disrupt daily life. They are stored in a calmer format, consigned to a history that supports present day resilience and strength.  For more information, see


Pastoral Counseling or Spiritual Direction: We can process your concerns about faith community conflict, how to live what you believe and deal with  thorny theological issues affecting your relationships. We bring skill and support to the conversation. We do not try to convince you to believe what we believe. We support you as you find your own way in a non-directive way.  Spiritual direction (which is actually  nondirective) helps us learn how to live in peace, with compassion, promoting justice as a trained, experienced, trustworthy person listens to our stories.  Through these tools we offer you the opportunity to receive encouragement for healthy decision making and cultivate your own ability to discern God’s presence in your life.



What are the regular office hours?

9-5 Monday Through Wednesday are the normal client office hours. 

How much does it cost?  

16-37 minute Individual Psychotherapy   $135

38-52 minute Individual Psychotherapy   $150

53-75 minute Individual/Family Therapy   $200

Evening, Weekend or Holiday 38-52 minutes   $250

Group Rates: $50/participant for 45-50 minutes;  4 person minimum; prepay for 4 sessions

Payment is made through SquareUp.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Health Savings Account

The charge on your card will indicate payments made to Thorson Therapy


I am “out of network” with insurance companies which means, we will need to collect payment in full at the time of service. You may request a receipt, called a superbill, that can be submitted by you to your insurance company. They may then reimburse you according to the details of your insurance plan.

Call for more information: 408-420-7895

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